About Bell Labs Belgium

Bell Labs Antwerp Research Centre, the largest ICT research Centre in Belgium, is renowned throughout the world for its research on video & immersion, next generation access, Telco cloud and connected devices. Its multi-disciplinary team of researchers and scientists conducts today and tomorrow’s ICT experiences that matter to people and society and that shape the communications of the 21st century.

Video & Immersion are part of this 21st century revolution and Bell Labs experts are convinced that the way we use video is changing. Its production will be more flexible and user-proprietary and behaviour will change to integrate immersion in the daily life. To take up this challenge, next generation access will be developed as well as new video delivery channels and video processing based applications. This will lead us to handle intelligent video traffic to lower even further the barrier to video technology.

The Bell Labs Antwerp research centre is also focusing on Telco cloud, a well-managed integrated computer solution designed to host distribution application with demanding real-time requirements. Coupled to a software platform, the Telco cloud can operate as a giant multi-core, distribution operating system with integrated storage and network support.

Finally, banking on its multi-disciplinary expertise the Bell Labs Antwerp Research centre is also working on connected devices known as the Internet-of-Things. This new concept will transform the end-users into operators and we will be there to deliver the right tools to engage end-users in creation, sharing and deployment of their own environment.

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Teams with internship openings in Antwerp, Belgium:

Other teams in Antwerp, Belgium (currently no internships openings available)

  • Network Systems Lab
  • Video Delivery
  • Visual Communication
  • Access Node Technology and Copper
  • Home Networking